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  • By: Michal Spiegelman:

    My personal process of transformation was never easy. I worked hard on doing the work. With the unfolding years, it became obvious that I have an attachment to pain and suffering, and it is one of my energetic tendencies to say hello to pain and suffering whenever I can.

    My message of Playful Transformation emerged while I was exploring ways to take life less seriously and enjoy it more. It is much easier for me today to allow play and fun to be part of my life, but if to be honest, I still need reminders from time to time to shift my focus from pain and suffering to fun and enjoyment.

    I could easily write this article diving deep into the essence of self-love, explaining the what, why, and how of this important concept. But instead, I choose to bring to you a message of “love yourself” in the easiest, simplest ways.

    Here are 3 simples, easy ways to love yourself:

      • Love yourself with music

    “Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent”
    ― Victor Hugo

    Music is vibration. It can uplift and inspire us. When connecting with music that speaks to our hearts, we can listen to the voice inside of us, telling us that we are worthy and loved. One of my favorite Balance Practices is walking in the park next to our apartment while listening to music that speaks to my heart. I can really feel that release and expansion in my heart area, almost like the music melts whatever is stuck there.

    You can listen to music quietly in your home, while walking, or while driving. You can dance to the music or sing. What’s important is to find music that connects you with your heart and your soul and allows you to love yourself.

    Here are few examples of music I listen to that reminds me: “Love yourself.”

    Copper Wimmin, KinderPassenger, Scare Away the DarkMatt Simons, Catch & Release

    Leonard Cohen, Dance Me to the End of Love

      • Love yourself with words

    Words have power, and I often find myself talking kindly to other people but being really hard on myself. I need to remind myself that one of the easiest ways to love myself is talk to myself the same way I talk to others. Isn’t it interesting to listen to our self-talk and compare it to how we interact with others? Isn’t it easier to focus on what we haven’t done or we should have done than to look at our success and progress?

    To love yourself, you need to be careful with the words that come out of your mouth (even when the conversation is internal) and listen to your inner monologue.

    Awareness is the first step, and when you listen to the words you speak, you know what needs to change so you can love yourself more with your words.

    To get you started on a “Love Yourself” journey, read these affirmations below. (Most of them are borrowed from Louise Hay).

    Come on, try it! What do you have to lose? Read it, feel it, let it sink into your heart.

    I love myselfI love lifeI love this day

    I am worthy and lovable

    I feel blessed and I send blessings

    I choose gratitude and appreciation

    Everything I do brings joy

    It is a joy to speak to myself in kind and loving ways

    • Give yourself permission to love yourself first.

    The practice of self-love requires creating the right state of mind. It starts with giving yourself permission to love yourself. For many years, I made other people more important than myself. I felt guilty every time I focused on me, and it cost me my health and made me unhappy. If you want to love yourself, start with a simple intention: give yourself permission!

    Write down the following phrases on a piece of paper. Add a few that are not on this list but are relevant for you. Keep it on your nightstand and read it every morning when you wake up:

    I give myself permission to rest

    I give myself permission to receive

    I give myself permission to say no

    I give myself permission to be less than perfect

    I give myself permission to breathe

    I give myself permission to slow down

    I give myself permission to have fun

    Friends, let’s stay committed to creating a profound process of change with lightness and ease. Let’s release effort and hard work and make it simple.

    The most important relationship is the relationship with ourselves. Only when you love yourself can you then love others.

    What are other easy, simple ways to love yourself? I can’t wait to read your ideas in the comments area!

    Article written by: Michal Spiegelman